The New SAT: Big changes will affect this year’s freshmen

The College Board today announced sweeping changes to the SAT which will take effect in the spring of 2016. There is no word on the PSAT scheduled for October, 2015, but it's probably safe to bet it will be a condensed version of the new test. For … [Continue reading]

Beating Test Anxiety: A New Technique

Test anxiety is one of the most common problems students experience with the SAT. It's a grueling 4 hours, the stakes are high, and the mental challenge is tough. We teach a number of specific techniques for combating anxiety in Bootcamp, and … [Continue reading]

A cure for junior anxiety: get those tests out of the way this Spring

The process doesn’t begin in earnest for another six months. But the tension is already building for high school juniors and their parents. Where to apply? What will it cost? Early decision, early action, or regular? What tests to take and when? Plan … [Continue reading]

Is your FAFSA being used against you?

Most recent college admissions news has centered around the Common App and the technical issues that are keeping students from completing and submitting it. But Inside Higher Ed is putting another online application in the spotlight: the way you … [Continue reading]

Admissions scandals: who offers Lying 101?

Today on I wrote about the growing number of schools getting caught manipulating admissions data. Most of the offenders seem to have offered misleading statistics to improve their US News & World report rankings--another great reason … [Continue reading]

The Myth of the Well-Rounded Student

Most parents, and many guidance counselors, are still operating on an old belief system. It goes like this: your high school years should be chock-full of activities that demonstrate your ability to do just about anything. Community service? Check. … [Continue reading]

Senior year How-to: Create a College Admissions Calendar

As early decision and early action deadlines approach, and the due dates for regular decision are just a couple of months away, anxiety can start to run high. Typical applicants have a list of about a dozen schools they’re considering. There are … [Continue reading]

Can You Tell a Simile from a Metaphor?

The passage-based reading questions on the SAT increasingly ask about rhetorical devices. You remember those literary techniques you learned about in middle school, right? Personification, allusion, hyperbole, and epiphany--they're all fair game, and … [Continue reading]

New Data on What it Takes to Get Accepted

Think you need to spend hours each week volunteering, playing a sport, and/or attending student counsel meetings to get into college? The National Association for College Admissions Counseling's 2012 State of College Admissions Report reveals that … [Continue reading]

The New (and Improved?) Common Application is Released!

Your personal essay is a critical component of your application. It’s the one variable you still have total control over, and it can convey many positive things, including your passions, the setbacks you’ve overcome, and your enthusiasm for the … [Continue reading]