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Recently held/scheduled Bootcamps: Lamoille Union High School, Middlebury High School

As a school counselor or administrator, you know the importance of good test scores and a positive test-taking experience. Strong scores help students gain admittance to college and impact your school’s reputation. And when students feel confident and prepared to take the PSAT and SAT, they perform better–and they’re more likely to repeat that performance, even in the classroom.

Our Vermont-founded and -based company offers PSAT and SAT Bootcamps that fit your school’s needs, and we can even train your teachers to give our Bootcamps to your students. The cost of administering the PSAT to your junior class is not insignificant–why not protect your investment by helping your students prepare to take the test? Or help your juniors and seniors score their very best on the SAT?       sat

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