Retake the SAT in October for Free

Judging by how buried this information is on the College Board’s website, we’re guessing that many students who took the June 6 SAT (the one with the printing error that caused two sections to be left unscored) aren’t aware that the fee has been waived for a retake in October.

Here’s the official wording:

Q: Is there an opportunity for students to take the test again?

We remain confident in the reliability of scores from the June 6 administration of the SAT and don’t want to cause undue anxiety for students by making them believe they need to sit for the test again. However, we have waived the fee for the October SAT administration for students who let us know that their testing experience was negatively affected by the printing error and we will continue to do so, through the September 3 registration deadline for the October administration.”

[you can read the entire announcement about the June test here]

This process may take some time, so if you are even contemplating a retake, contact the College Board this week and get your registration started.