Tomorrow’s SAT: How to prepare tonight

If you’re planning to take the SAT tomorrow, a little advance preparation today will help you stay calm tomorrow morning. Here’s what to do:

  • eat a good dinner tonight, and plan a healthy breakfast for tomorrow
  • purchase and pack nutritious snacks and a drink in a bag or backpack
  • get at least two number 2 pencils with erasers (and remember that dull pencils fill in ovals faster on your answer sheet!)
  • print your admission ticket from and pack it with your photo ID
  • check your calculator batteries, replace if they’re low, and pack your calculator
  • pack a watch to keep track of each section (proctors are supposed to give you five minute warnings, but they don’t always do it)
  • make plans to do something fun after the test, and have a picture, video, or song that makes you happy ready for viewing/listening to just before you enter the testing center (research at Harvard University shows this step will give you a “positivity boost” that can improve focus and concentration)
  • remember to turn your phone off before entering the testing center and store it in your backpack–your scores will be cancelled if it goes off or if you are caught looking at it. Better yet, leave it at home.
  • get a good night’s sleep and stop studying/practicing