SAT Bootcamp works for every student. Why? Because it…

Appeals to all learning styles

Presentations are given with visual Power Point backup, and the Basic Training Manual contains all the workshop information in print.

Targets every level

Students who are typically strong test-takers still need strategies, because the SAT is unlike any test they’ve ever taken (who comes up with really tricky wrong answers for multiple choice questions?). Students who find test-taking to be a challenge benefit from the confidence they gain once they understand the test. They also come away with a clear picture of the material they need to study.

Paced right

The Bootcamp class is  lively, and the interactive format encourages questions. After the workshop, the Basic Training Manual and access to instructors via email means no question is left unanswered.

The SAT Bootcamp was developed in 2006 as a response to the “two-party” system of test prep. Previously, students could either independently work their way through a thousand-page book, or pay a thousand dollars or more to take a months-long course. The Bootcamp is an intensive four-hour workshop that differentiates between content (what’s on the test, including vocabulary and geometry) and strategy (how to take the test, how to avoid the traps test writers set, etc.). It encourages students to study content and practice at home, and includes a Basic Training Manual that targets content and offers additional resources. Follow-up emails encourage and remind students to focus on goals to the best of their abilities.