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Teenage Students Raising Hands


  • How is SAT Bootcamp different from other test prep programs?
    The Bootcamp was designed to focus on strategy and test design, because the SAT is unlike any test you’ve ever taken. Instead of teaching grammar and reviewing math, which you can do on your own, you gain “insider” knowledge, including traps test writers set, when to guess quickly and move on, and how to reorder reading passages to maximize potential points.
  • I’ve heard my score will likely go up if I take it again, so why take SAT Bootcamp?"
    That phenomenon is known as the “bump,” and it often happens even without any prep or further study. Scores go up not because students get smarter between tests, but because they’re more familiar with the SAT. The Bootcamp helps increase the bump in two ways: it shows you how to mine your previous score for information about how to improve, and a deep dive into every question type means your familiarity level will rise significantly.
  • It’s four hours long—could there be a more boring way to spend a Saturday morning?
    Sure—you could stay at home and sleep in. Or you could make a small investment in your future. We’ve worked hard to make the Bootcamp as interactive and lively as possible, and it’s much more exciting than the four hours you’ll spend taking the test itself.
  • Can you guarantee that my score will improve?
    Absolutely not. We provide all the tools, including strategies, insider knowledge, practice sections, and a plan to take you from Bootcamp to test date. What you do with those tools and knowledge is up to you—but most students do report higher scores.
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