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Parents, Are You Stressed Yet?

Most parents get stressed about the college admissions process. I include myself in that group—three times—but if you don’t believe me read this Op-ed from the LA Times (it might help make you feel a little saner). While there are many targets of that stress, an overriding theme is how much you should get involved. Should you help develop lists of potential schools to check out (yes!)? Should you call schools to set up interviews and tours (no!)? Should you hound your student daily or weekly about how much test prep they’re doing (no—hounding typically backfires!)?

We’ve got a solution for that last one. Instead of hounding, or trying hands-on prep (believe me, the test has changed drastically since you took it), why not outsource it? We have studied the new test extensively, and developed a unique four-hour curriculum that teaches the best strategies and test taking tips along with familiarization of content and even some practice. We also stress the importance on “taking it from here,” and give students a Countdown Action

Plan to help them prep between the Bootcamp and their next test date.

If you need to lower your own stress level, and make sure you student is armed with proved techniques and the latest knowledge on how to bring their best to the test, consider registering him or her for one of our four upcoming Bootcamps. Your relationship with your son or daughter doesn’t have to be strained through this process. A less-contentious road ahead can start when you proactively dial down your own worries.


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